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  • Business risk assessment: Identify top risks and opportunities through surveys and interviews, explore aggregate risk capacity versus risk appetite, powered by our efficient SaaS solution and powerful analytics

  • Risk portfolio optimization: Amplify strategic risk taking and manage non-strategic risks by utilizing risk management action plans

  • ERM governance: Develop a robust ERM governance structure powered by ERM committees, charters and risk appetite statements. We will establish a ERM roadmap to keep processes relevant in a dynamic environment

Like pieces of a puzzle, ERM constitutes distinct but connected steps. Each informs the other, and all need to respond dynamically to changing business conditions. Our approach will help you connect the pieces of this puzzle, and keep them connected.

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"What sets us apart is first our focus on amplifying return-boosting, on-strategy risk-taking while mitigating risks that do not fit this criterion. Second, our SaaS-based solution quickens implementation and dynamic reiteration", said Johan Nystedt, President and Founder of Nystedt Enterprise Solutions. "Additionally, we measure your aggregate risk capacity versus risk actually taken, and advise how to align the two in pursuit of driving risk-adjusted returns ".

ERM is evolving from being a risk management tool to becoming an instrument for shareholder value creation. To unleash strategic value, we help you integrate ERM into your strategic planning process