Examples - Use Cases

We establish and support your ERM program soup-to-nuts, or service you on specific ERM elements. We support leadership teams at companies with diverse needs:

  1. Companies wanting to amplify strategic risk-taking by managing non-strategic risks

  2. Organizations graduating from enterprise list management to enterprise risk management

  3. New management teams wanting to pressure-test organization

  4. Organizations needing tangible risk management action plans

  5. Companies exposed to shareholder activism advocating more risk taking

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Word from the founder: “Holistic risk management is about amplifying high-return strategic risk and eliminating unwanted risk”

Business revolves around taking the risks where you have an advantage in pursuit of return. This means mitigating undercompensated risk to free up risk capacity for high return business initiatives

Also important: Are you taking enough total risk? We will help you measure the risk you are taking versus your risk capacity

We are here to help you manage your risk portfolio

Goal of ERM: Amplify high-return risk-taking and eliminate unwanted risk.
Click the groups below to find out how ERM can help you drive risk-adjusted return

Business line IS a strategic FIT and provides HIGH return

Amplify risk-taking in pursuit of return: M&A, new plant capacity investments

Business line IS a strategic FIT but provides LOW return

Deploy risk management action plans for risk-aware return enhancement: cost containment, organize for growth

Business line is a NOT a strategic FIT yet provides HIGH return

Analyze risk fit within portfolio to compare strategic transformation vs divestiture: transform into the core, opportunistic divestiture

Business line is a NOT a strategic FIT and provides LOW return

Mitigate/hedge and sell undercompensated risks to free-up risk capacity: FX/commodity hedging, pension de-risking, divestiture