The issue

The SEC and a number of international regulators are increasingly asking companies to provide climate-related disclosures, supported by frameworks. The various regulations and frameworks, however, require different and sometimes inconsistent disclosures. Not only are companies asked to disclose how they impact the environment, but also how environmental changes will impact them, i.e., double materiality. Litigation and greenwashing claims are following on the heels of all this, further complicating an already confusing situation.

The solution

Nystedt Enterprise Solutions is uniquely set up to provide a cost-effective solution, leveraging new public frameworks, internal tools and its own technological solution. Such implementation addresses numerous types of risk, including regulatory, supply chain costs and reliability, product and technology, litigation and reputation. Also due diligence risk, such as in M&A transactions, may be significantly reduced by taking into account climate-related risks.

We strive for consistency, transparency and keeping it as simple as possible for our clients.

Now the good news:

We enable clients to improve controls and processes to add agility while reducing risk for errors. Supported by enabling technology, we free up clients' time and resources. We leverage existing frameworks to fulfill current and contemplated disclosure regulations. As such, sometimes only minor steps are required to adapt the completion of one framework to another when leveraging our toolbox. Our ESG practice utilizes proven ERM governance, controls, processes and tools, including our SaaS solution for rapid and cost efficient implementation

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